What’s in my Hospital Bag?

First-time mom reporting for duty, I mean delivery! I have no idea what to expect or what I need, so I turned to my friends and google for tips.

– For Mom –

  • The bag itself – Away carry on luggage. I heard its much easier to have a bag on wheels than having your poor husband lugging around duffles.
  • Nursing Nightgown – Some people prefer pants, while others find them uncomfortable and rather be in a sleep shirt. I personally prefer sleep shirts. I will end up tossing in a robe as well.
  • Frida Delivery Gown and Socks
  • Robe – Lightweight, soft and dark in color.
  • Nursing Tanks (2), Nursing Bra (2) + Nursing Sleep Bra
  • Slippers – My sister gifted me with the coziest slippers for my birthday. Although she said they were for the hospital bag, I’ve been wearing them since I opened them.
  • T-shirt Nursing Dress – For when we leave the hospital, I am hoping the temps are warm enough to toss a dress on and head out. I plan on being as comfy as possible and hoping this option is the answer!
  • Slide on shoes – I wanted versatile shoes to come with me. Shoes I could shower in and go home in. I have heard feet can be pretty swollen after delivery, so I went ahead and skipped packing “normal” shoes.
  • 10 Foot Phone Charger – We use these in our house and I have heard that there is never a close outlet in the hospital rooms so this is a must!
  • Camera – For some precious first photos!

– Toiletries – 

  • I picked up a bunch of travel size products to bring with me and then toss whatever is left, if anything. These included: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and toothpaste.
  • Mints/Breath Spray – I read somewhere that you may throw up during labor and all you will want is to quickly get that taste out of your mouth.
  • Face Wipes
  • Face Cream, Body Cream ,Chapstick + Nipple balm– My skin has been next level dryness lately and I know hospitals are dry in general, so these items are a must!
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair Ties

– For Baby –

I have heard from friends that the hospital provides pretty much everything he will need, but I tossed in a few things just in case.

  • Diaper bag – The diaper bag we originally wanted, sold out (and will be out of stock till the end of the year), and we have yet to find something similar that we like, so we decided on using this backpack as his baby bag.
  • Boppy Pillow – For nursing assistance, but also a nice item to have on hand for any family that wants to use while holding our little baby!
  • Coming Home outfit.
  • Zip-up Onsies
  • Socks
  • Cozy blanket
  • Swaddle
  • Hats
  • Mittens – So he doesn’t scratch his face

I hope this blog has helped you to pack your bag too! Send me a message if you have any questions or if you think I’ve forgotten anything important!

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