¡Oye Chica! Decmeber


Welcome to 2020! Last year my blog took the back seat, and I’m making it a goal to get back into it this year. I selfishly love being able to read what happened in the past, so it’s not really that I write this for you, I guess I write for my future self to look back on. 

I hope to catch up every month or as I like to call it chisme (Cheese – meh). Refresher for – What the heck is chisme? chismosa? chismeando?

Chisme is a Spanish word for ‘gossip,’ but I like to think of it as a story worth telling all your friends. Chisme is looked down upon and used as an insult towards women. The last thing anyone wants to be is a chismosa, but at one point or another, we are all chismosos! We ALL want to know who did what, who said what, and what happened to who. So embrace the title, Chismosas. Let’s get to it!

If We Were Chismeando, I would wish you Happy New Year and a new decade! Write down some goals, buy that agenda, drink more water. Whatever it is that you want to do to make yourself feel better, do it! Don’t let anyone bring you down. If big goals are too much, maybe start with daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Getting to cross something off the list usually helps me feel accomplished. Try it! 

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you I had my first baby shower! My mom and sister gave me a family shower in Los Angeles while we were in town for the holidays. It was THE BEST and cutest shower. We had it at a 50’s diner, which brings back so many nostalgic memories from our childhood. My parents use to bring us to this diner tons before we moved to Texas. I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed with happiness that I had all my family together and was able to watch my mom host a shower! If you know how big of a deal this is, then you’ve been following the journey.

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you I failed my one-hour glucose test. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to have Jarritos drink the night before the test. (thanks, Dante) I now have to take the three-hour test. Pray for me; I hate giving blood. 

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you the nesting phase has officially begun. Jacob and I have some of the baby’s furniture put together! The crib setup had to be the most monumental baby-related activity to happen since the first ultrasound. It just makes everything feel so real when I walk past the baby’s nursery and see his furniture. 

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you my mom was asked to give a speech at the UCLA transplant (which is a big deal) and nailed it ( well actually dad said the speech for her, so technically he nailed it)

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you we got to play superstars for the day in L.A. The family and I got interviewed by the media in regards to my mom’s story. It was a pretty cool experience to be mic’d up. Felt almost like a Kardashian … chubbier.

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you I watched all of surviving R.Kelly on Netflix. Not sure I would say worth the watch. I guess the only plus was being able to get a few knitting projects out of the way while watching. 

If We Were Chismeando, I would tell you I didn’t read any books or find any podcasts worth sharing. Hoping January is better for that! 

If We Were Chismeando, I would stop to catch my breath and have you fill me in on your chisme! What are your current favorites, recommendations and thoughts. Fill me in!

Besitos – Eleni

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