A New Decade. Goodbye 2019

This last decade has been a fantastic whirlwind. I am appreciative of the highs, lows, and everything in between. I was given new name titles along the way, such as dog-mom, wife, and soon to be “mama.” The latter part of 2018 and early 2019 left me in a dark spot, and I spent most of 2019 praying A LOT, but the ending to this year/decade has been nothing short of amazing.

This last year, I would summarize as the year of “family first.”
This phrase wasn’t an intentional resolution. As many of you have followed along, the health of my mother rocked my family to our core. Jacob and I left Oklahoma to be with our family in Houston. My parents and brother moved back to Los Angeles for the betterment of my mom’s health. I changed careers. Jacob and I bought a home. Saw friends get engaged, witnessed weddings, and traveled to Los Angeles many times. We explored Mexico and Greece together. I spent more nights on a hospital couch than I would like to recall. And lastly, Jacob and I became pregnant. ( I know I haven’t shared much of my pregnancy journey, because it’s gone by so quick. I feel like I found out I was pregnant, blinked, and turned 27 weeks pregnant.)

I can’t help but feel nervous about this coming year. I’m sure its because I know the responsibility of a tiny human is upon me/us. Or maybe its the nervousness of knowing I will have to balance my new roles as a wife, mother, and woman in the workplace like I never have before. With all of these new responsibilities in mind, I made a new year resolution to put “self-care” first. And since this is the start of a new decade, I also wanted to give myself an attainable decade goal. This new decade I plan on following my sixth sense.
“I’m always right!” is a phrase I love to use on my husband jokingly; well, in a way, I am, and so are YOU. I heard the phrase “only you know what’s right for you.” from doctors to my mom this last year, and it’s stuck on me. It’s true! Countless times my inner self has said, “this isn’t best” or “just go for it,” and it was usually spot on for me. My sister has also been a huge advocate of “all the signs you need are around you. Just slow down and look.”So this decade, I will trust myself.

What’s Your New Year Goals, anthem, word, phrase, etc.?

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