The Bride’s Checklist

After months maybe years of planning, it’s almost time for the big day!  The week before your wedding is likely to be a tad hectic with some last-minute tasks to get through. It’s crunch time, and you’re pretty sure you’ve got everything in order….kinda…sorta? Don’t fret! Two Brides come together and give you the scope of what you may want to add to your list or ditch from the list!

Let get to it!

Eleni’s List


Things I’m so glad I had 

Emergency kit – My wonderful bridesmaids put together the BEST emergency kit. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things but this was what they had in my emergency bag.

  • Breath Mints
  • mirror
  • tweezers
  • tissues
  • asprin
  • hairspray
  • bobbypins
  • deodrant
  • Fashion tape ( which I used a ton of)
  • band aids
  • SNACKS (my girls know me so well)
  • safety pins


Breakfast – My husband had some of the groomsmen pop into my airbnb early in the morning and leave a box of breakfast tacos. I WISH I had a picture but the tacos formed the shape of a heart.


Quiet Time – Weddings are BUSY to say the least and we had a huge wedding party. I’ve been a bridesmaid in enough weddings to know that the “getting ready” process for the bride is hectic. I realized very early on that I did not want to get ready with any of my bridesmaids, not because I didn’t want to be around them but because I wanted to peacefully get ready and prepare myself for day to come. I’m so glad I was able to get ready with my sister the first half of the morning and finish the rest with my mom and grandmother. Having just them around was so special. My hair and makeup artist are also my personal friends so it was nice to enjoy them before the wedding started. I met up with my bridesmaids at the church when it was time for pictures.
Things I wish I’d had:
Better Vendors – There are some vendors who I wish we wouldn’t of hired. I wont name shame but replacing them could of made a few things go smoother. Research your vendors and try to see them in action before you hire them.
Things I had but didn’t really need:
Guestbook – Don’t stress about this unless you really need something on your coffee table.
My Phone : I wish I had just turned it off. I only had it while I got ready but it did add to my stress since I was checking on all vendors, etc. My junior bridesmaids had two jobs once they met up with me 1. make sure my purse made it to the reception. 2. take my phone away. This task was PERFECT for two 10 year old twins. I never saw my phone or purse again till the end of the night.
Things I’m so glad I didn’t have:
First look before the wedding – Photographers push HARD on having this done. We stood our ground on waiting to see each other. Worth it.
Speeches – With a wedding party of over 20, 5 parents and 3 grandparents in attendance, we knew there was no way that we could give everyone an opportunity to speak at this wedding without boring the guest. So, the majority of our speeches were given at rehearsal dinner. To us, it made more sense to have intimate speeches with people that actually know the stories and inside jokes. At the wedding we just had our parents speak and koumbara.
E&J-1000 (1)

Claire’s List 

My best friend (Kirby) recently married the wonderful Claire Langseth! She truly has became one of my best friends from the moment Kirby introduced us.Thank you, Claire for giving in your input and doing this blog post with me!

C&K-2 (1)

Things I’m so glad I had:

Water: My dad packed a cooler of water and put it in the bridal room for myself and the bridesmaids. You don’t think about drinking water when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but you should! Keep yourself hydrated so you stay feeling good on your big day.
Band-aids: Obviously, I (stupidly) didn’t break in my beautiful white shoes before the big day because I didn’t want to get them dirty. But those suckers rubbed some nasty blisters on my heels. So band-aids came in handy, and a change of shoes for the reception was also a lifesaver.
24-hour lasting liquid lipstick and gloss: I bought my lipstick before my make-up trial, and I ended up changing my mind on what color I wanted about 7 more times. But I’m so glad I went with a long-lasting liquid lipstick because the color never wore off and when my lips got dry during pictures I just put a little bit of the gloss on. I tried out several different brands (Sephora, CoverGirl, Maybelline) during my quest for the right color and they all worked really well.
Clip-Board: If you don’t have a team of people managing every little detail of your wedding for the entire day, then you may consider printing off all of your relevant info (wedding party and immediate family list with phone numbers, vendor list with phone numbers, schedule, etc.) just so you have all the information someone might need for your wedding easily at hand.
Things I wish I’d had:
Costume tape: This seems like a no-brainer that I just didn’t even think about. But one of the sleeves of my dress would occasionally droop a little, and if I’d had some tape that would have fixed that issue easily.
Snacks: At my wedding we took all of our photos, including wedding party and immediate family, before the ceremony. That put some people waiting around at the chapel for a couple of hours. I wish I had provided some snacks for them. Some people made a run to the store for snacks and drinks, but I wish they hadn’t needed to.
Hangers: During the waiting around before the ceremony, some of the groomsmen got hot and understandably took off their jackets. But those jackets ended up crumpled up in a chair and some of them got pretty wrinkly. I wish I had brought some hangers for the guys to take off their jackets and put them in the coat closet.
Things I had but didn’t really need:
Spare Rings: Everyone told us to have an extra set of cheap rings just in case we forgot our real ones. A week before the wedding (while I still had time to think about all the details) I put together a “Day of Wedding Emergency Package” with all sorts of stuff (bobby pins, mints, hair spray, spare rings, etc.) and I made sure the real rings were in there too. Then I gave the package to my wedding coordinator the night before the wedding and she took care of it from there. So good preparation took care of needing to worry about that.
Decorative sign asking people to turn off their phones: This was unfortunately not effective. Even though I posted a sign about it in the chapel, I printed it on the programs, and the officiant made an announcement about it, people still got out their phones and took pictures during the ceremony.
Things I’m so glad I didn’t have:
My phone: I didn’t have my phone on me at all. It was put in a bag at our hotel room where we went that night. So I was totally cut off from the world and it was wonderful. I got to truly soak in every second of that magical day.



A mix of fun from both weddings! 

XoXo – Mrs. Kramer & Mrs. Langseth! 






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