Yaga’s 9th annual chili quest

There are lots of reasons to love a food festival. Whenever there’s one happening in Houston or OKC, Jacob and I, of course always think about going. To start the year right in January, we attended the 9th Annual Yaga Chili fest down in Galveston, TX.


We attended the festival with our friends and family (Bauer also participated. The festival is dog-friendly). Although it was a rainy, humid day, we had a blast.

An outdoor food festival in Galveston which each year brings in hundreds of festival contestants. This festival packs the historic Square in Galveston Island, with chili’s of every style imaginable. The festival provides Chili samples, beer, margaritas, and live music

The tickets are super cheap ($10), and you get to taste a ridiculous amount of chili.There is a beer tasting part of the festival as well, but we all picked just to do chili.


The chili ranges from TX style (spicy brisket-based chili with NO F*** BEANS) to other “chili” that has beans (i.e., bean soup). The ones with beans were terrible, and the TX style chili was terrific (water’s wet).






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