Exploring Disneyland in One Day

Disneyland is the most magical place on earth but it takes a lot of energy to navigate! That being said, a hearty breakfast is essential to your adventure. Whether you’re staying in Anaheim, LA or even San Diego, make sure you don’t waste your time with American staples like Denny’s, IHOP or McDonalds.


Thanks to the homie, D O double G from the LBC, there’s a wonderful breakfast joint 5 minutes away from the park. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is the place to be for a delicious breakfast delicacy! The mixture of sweet and savory is to die for and don’t be afraid to drizzle that sweet sweet syrup all over your chicken!

All of us got the Scoe’s #1 ($13) which comes with 2 waffles and either a chicken breast or chicken thighs. After this meal, you’ll have to tell your phone “it’s still me with a little chicken grease.” This meal is absolutely lights out, the chicken is crisp and flavorful on the outside while retaining magnificent juicy deliciousness on the inside. The chicken alone was the best fried chicken I’ve had outside of the south. The waffle is uniquely fluffy as the batter is custom tailored to Roscoe’s restaurants alone. You will not regret starting your morning in the most magical place on earth with Roscoe’s!

  1. If you’re visiting the park for a special occasion or just really want one, ask for a pin. Main Street City Hall is the place to visit for free special occasion pins! Whether it’s your first time in the park, you’re recently engaged, or somebody is celebrating a birthday, the friendly City Hall cast members will be happy to give you a celebratory button.

2. Use Disneyland websites to locate your favorite characters.If you’re on the hunt for a specific character during your day at the park, use Finding Mickey to determine their whereabouts. We didnt really care to find any characters but this tip is for you planners!

 3. If you ask, Photopass Photographers will snap a picture on your cell phone.Hence the photo below! (Jacob was so excited he couldn’t keep his eyes open)

4. Visit during nonpeak months for shorter lines and fewer crowds.Overall, Disneyland is pretty busy year round. No matter when you go, you won’t be alone!

If avoiding crowds is your number one goal, these are the least busy times at Disneyland:

  • First full week of January through the middle of February
  • Third Tuesday of February to mid-March (when spring break starts)
  • Mid-April through the third week of May
  • First Tuesday of September to the beginning of October
  • Second week of November

We went on February 6th and it also happens to be their early closing day. We found there to be little to no crowds for most rides. You can also use the free Disneyland app to view wait times.

5. Want to know if Celebs are at the park while you are? Follow DisneylandCeleb on Instagram. Also be on the lookout for the Disney Escorts in plaid vests, a celebrity is usually with them.

6. You can bring food and drinks into the park. Because Disneyland allows guests to bring in their own meals, you can save a lot of money on snacks. We only brought water into the park but spent most of our time trying the must have snacks at Disneyland. Unfortunately all of us were more concerned with eating the snacks rather then taking pictures of them but below you will find a list of  the snacks we had!
  • Dole Whip Float -The Myth. The Legend. The Whip. The Dole Whip. Or in this case, the Dole Whip Float!Dole Whip is a soft serve pineapple flavored frozen treat that you can find at the entrance to Adventureland in front of the Enchanted Tiki room. You can order just the Dole Whip itself or as a float in pineapple juice, complete with a little drink umbrella.
  • Mickey Pretzel – Eliza snagged this bad boy as she waited on us to finish up with Space mountain ( She doesnt do fast rides)
  • Churro!!! – Apparently Disney has unveiled a limited edition rose gold churro. We did not have the rose gold churro. Whatever churro you decide on just know it is always a good choice.

Now that we have scratched the Disney itch it’s safe to say our next visit to California will not include Disneyland but rather visiting Knotts Berry Farm and of course Universal Studios. I (Eleni) have never been to another Disney park so Disney World would have to be my next Disney adventure if that’s what the future vacation holds.


Disney parks are always magical and our experience was nothing but excellent!

Until next time! BEEP BEEP!!

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