DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet

I (Eleni) like real flowers as much as the next person BUT I love the ability to reuse things. Although these flowers were a SAVE money wise, I had a few more useful ideas for these beauties

  1. They sat on the sweetheart table
  2. My bridesmaids can keep their bouquets as keepsakes



Materials: You are welcome to use any flower combo you wish. I used the following

  • Mini Olive Leaf Bundle Bush ( $9.99)
  • Eucalyptus Bush ( $18.99)
  • White & Cream Peony Bush ($11.99)
  • Gold Ribbon (3.99)


  • Hot Glue Gun

I bought my flower bunches from Hobby Lobby. The flowers were 50% off the average price that week. I also used a 40% coupon, that was applied to my ribbon.



My overall total was under $25 for six bouquets & one center piece ( I used left over flowers for a wreath project).



1. Prepare stems by cutting into useable pieces. Use your wire cutters and and trim off  all the excess leaves, leaving only one or two close to the flower. After you have your single stem flower wire and tape stems as necessary. This allows you to extend the length of a flower easily.

2. Choose 2-4 flowers to start the base of your bouquet. I started with one stem of lamb’s ear, a couple olive steams and a stem of white Peony .

3. Wrap your bouquet in floral tape, starting at the top and traveling down the stem bunch. This will give your bouquet a little added support.

4.Cut a piece of ribbon about a yard long and put a dot of hot glue on the back of the stems and wrap the ribbon around the stems. Pin with hot glue gun and voila you have yourself a fake flower  bouquet.





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